Poached Holbrook Paddock true free range eggs, toast 13.5
Scrambled free range 14.5


Brown rice porridge, white miso, maple, pears, toasted nuts & seeds (gf/df) 16


Apple, green tea & coconut chia, nut & seed granola, berries, cranberry nectar (gf/df) (gf/df) 16


Sour cherry toast, fresh figs, ricotta, honey, almonds, poppyseeds 15


Soft roll, smashed egg & bacon, chilli jam16


‘Banoffee’ hotcakes, praline, mascarpone 20


Flash fried beans, toasted sesame, fried egg, ginger & black bean dressing (gf/df) 15


Raw vegetable slaw, kale, sesame, avocado, apple cider vinaigrette, soft eggs 20


Sauté forest mushrooms, soft polenta, soft eggs, parmesan (gf) 20


Soft eggs, hashbrowns, dukkah, feta, lemon, cherry truss (gf) 20


Sauté greens, miso, kale, avocado, almonds, seeds, soft eggs (gf/df ) 20


“Shakshuka”, baked eggs, La Boqueria chorizo, peas, tarragon, labneh 24
(vegetarian 20)


Corned beef & brie ‘Cubano’ sandwich, fried egg, piparres, Aji Amarillo 18


House cured salmon gravlax bruschetta, fennel, cucumber, capers, goats curd 20


Breakfast fillet steak (Cape Byron, 150g), crisped mushroom risotto, chimichurri, soft eggs 25


Vegetable fritters, avocado, tahini yoghurt, pine nuts, currants, cress, soft eggs 20
suppl. bacon 25 | Salmon 25


The Bread & Butter Project sourdough 7.5
 white | rye | sour cherry | gluten free

Side dishes
Roasted cherry tomatoes 4.5 | Avocado & lemon 5.5 | Pialligo Bacon 7
Hashbrowns 4.5 | Labneh 4 | Fetta 4 | Salmon gravlax 6 | La Boqueria Chorizo 7









the menu provided is subject to market availability - items and prices may change without notice